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Aug 17

Flossing is an excellent ingredient for your dental care. However, to harness the power of dental floss, you must be sure you are using the proper technique. As long as the technique is correct, it doesn’t matter the type of dental floss you choose. At Tooth Love, we encourage our patients to floss at least […]

May 14

Routine dental cleaning plays a key role in the health and beauty of your smile. Through professional teeth cleaning, your dentist can protect your teeth against decay and gum disease and preserve their luster. At Tooth Love in Irvine, California, we recommend semi-annual dental exams and cleaning to benefit from everything that professional cleaning offers […]

Mar 08

At Tooth Love, nothing inspires us more than seeing our patients wear healthy smiles. However, we know that no healthy smile comes without doing something about it. We usually encourage our patients to practice optimal at-home oral care. But that is never enough. Our Irvine, California dental office offers routine dental exams and professional cleanings […]


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