Seal out tooth decay? Yes, it’s possible with protective dental sealants in Irvine, CA

You deserve to love your teeth for life. Dental sealants represent one of the ways that Tooth Love can partner with you to accomplish this admirable and achievable goal. 

Sink your teeth into sealants 

Dr. Joanna Jefferson may recommend this preventive service to pediatric patients from her practice in Irvine, CA. Usually, she will want to discuss the possibility of placing sealants as soon as the first back teeth (molars) come in at around the age of 6 or 7. However, sealants are not just for children. More “experienced” patients can also benefit from this protective material, precisely placed by Dr. Jefferson. 

The sealant itself is a safe, BPA-free plastic product. Dr. Jefferson may apply it to the molars and the pre-molars in front of those back teeth. These teeth tend to be vulnerable to damage caused by processes such as tooth decay. Molars have grooved surfaces, which trap food debris. Bacteria thrive off lingering foods and produce a sticky plaque that erodes teeth and inflames the supportive gums. Additionally, the location of these teeth can present a challenge to proper cleaning, especially among younger patients who lack fine motor skills. 

Dental sealants address both of these challenges. These coatings “seal out” food debris and protect the teeth from decay. They can also be used to reverse early-stage enamel erosion and prevent cavities from progressing. 

The process

We can complete dental sealants during your routine appointment. It takes only a matter of minutes for Dr. Jefferson to precisely apply the sealant as a liquid to the clean and dry back teeth. The teeth are also prepared to assure the strongest bond between them and the sealant material. We then harden the sealant to the teeth using a specialized curing light. Voila! Your teeth are now protected! 

As noted, sealants may be appropriate for patients of all ages. They are even a hassle-free and easy preventive measure among patients with sensitivity. The coating may have a positive effect on that sensitivity. Plus, due to the care that Dr. Jefferson takes when applying the sealant liquid, the risks of discomfort are minimized. If sensitivity remains a concern, we can also discuss products to help manage such discomfort. All in all, sealants present a painless, fast, and effective way to keep your smile healthy and looking great. They are also durable and exceptional as a preventive service that avoids costly restorative or tooth replacement procedures. 

During regular exams, our dentist will also check to ensure your sealant is in top shape. Schedule your exam today by calling us at (949) 444-5656.